GoodTask Pro For Mac v7.3.0 Task Manager & Planner App Based For MacOSX

GoodTask Pro For Mac v7.3.0 Task Manager & Planner App Based For MacOSX GoodTask is a Powerful Task/Project Manager based on Apple’s Reminders & Calendars. You can use it as simple checklist to focus or as complex project management tool to get big things done. GoodTask provides various viewpoints to the things that you care and need to be done. Manage your tasks, projects and even your life better with GoodTask. Like some on here, I also was a loyal Things (3) user. But their lack of Exchange support just made it too cumbersome to input tasks, since I have so many and their sync infrastructure requires downloading and running an Applescript. Goodtask handles file feeds seamlessly from Exchange which is HUGE to me as we’re are totally integrated into Exchange at work. I do miss Things awesome dashboard and front end but I suspect it’ll be forthcoming soon as the developer on this program is unbelievably in touch with his user’s suggestions and replied to an email from me in less than 24 hours. In all respects tasks are unbelievably misunderstood and/or unsupported as a unified program on both Windows and Mac. Also Check Out PCalc Pro For Mac.Download Goodtask Pro For Mac Full VersionOutlook is the 900 pound gorilla but most folks use tasks rather lightly and on the Mac you have great proprietary programs but few that support integration with Outlook / Exchange. Awesomely happy I discovered this little gem of a program…I hope it develops into a stronger program with futher integration into Exchange and perhaps some project management style reporting. I love this app. Just bought it for all three of my Apple devices. I have (literally) every to-do app — at least all of the majors. I’ve tried them all. Never really finding one I like. I don’t need something basic like reminders, but also find the other apps far more than I really need. I’m truly in the middle. This is the best. It offers the more advanced capabilities but really packages it in the basics. The seamless integration with Reminders is actually an amazing feature… I can press siri in my car (CarPlay) and tell it to remind me of something and it’s added in here. Other apps can do that but’s not as seamless as this. I love the clean, simple interface that’s not over-designed. I geeked out for years on Omnifocus. I wanted things 1,,2,3 to work. I have Asana for our company projects.

But I always found myself living out of Fantastical for getting things done for my business and personal life with events and reminders. Yet, I desperately wanted a task program that could integrate with Fantastical. Viola! Enter Goodtask. I love how it’s based on reminders so everything is sooooo silky seamless. Even better are the infinite ways to arrange projects, reminder lists and even smart lists. Yet my fave feature is subtasks! Now, I can finally manage my biz and personal life from ONE place. BTW, if you’re expecting this be like OF, Things or Todoist just stop comparing. I’m not sure what to call the category Good Task should be but IMHO, task manager doesn’t do it justice. Total no-brainer, for anyone who lives out of theircalendar. I was a hardcore Wunderlist guy, but then they were sold to Microsoft and the app was morphed and the name changed to To-Do. Bleh. Besides losing something in translation, after more than a year, they still haven’t released a Mac desktop version. So I started a long search for a cross-platform replacement with comparable features. In GoodTask, I found something better. Frankly, I was skeptical of the cost – Wunderlist basic WAS free, after all. However, GoodTask lets you.

The Features Of GoodTask Pro For Mac:

  1. Syncs with default stock Reminders & Calendars (iCloud/Exchange/etc).
  2. Supports fully customizable recurring tasks.
  3. Manage Reminders Lists and Calendars easily.
  4. List, Day, Week, Month view on each lists.
  5. Add Quickly and Smartly with Quick Actions and Text Snippets.
  6. List with selective Reminders Lists and Calendars.
  7. Filter by including or excluding text/tags.
  8. Filter by Priorities.
  9. Overdue tasks, Location-based tasks, Recent tasks, etc.
  10. Quickly edit tasks on the fly.
  11. Bulk actions to edit/check/delete multiple tasks at once.
  12. Duplicate, Change due dates, add/switch tags/lists, etc.
  13. App Icon Badge & Notifications.
  14. Dark Theme.
  15. Today Widget support.
  16. Time Zone support.
  17. Subtasks, Automatic Repeat after Completion & Manual sort (GoodTask 3 only).

How to download and Install GoodTask Pro For Mac OS?

  1. First, you need to click on the below download button and shift to the GoodTask Pro For Mac OS.
  2. On the download page, you can easily download your software via the given method.
  3. After downloading, please read the instruction on the download page and follow them.
  4. After that, your app will be installed successfully.
  5. After that, your app will be ready for use.

Goodtask Pro Mac Full Version

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